The art of sensitively illuminating heritage buildings

Illuminating heritage buildings

Buildings of heritage are often spectacular examples of architecture and engineering. In recent years, we’ve seen lighting being used to enhance the architectural features and beauty of these structures during the darker hours. The buildings are sensitive in both architecture and structure, the delicate transformation is not as simple as flicking a switch; it’s an art that requires respect for the past while embracing the future. 

Sensitivity in Architecture and Structure 

When it comes to illuminating historic buildings, often “less is more.” The key to a tastefully considered yet impactful lighting scheme lies in picking out the building’s key architectural features and highlighting them through precise illumination. 

A fantastic example of this is the recent lighting design of Covent Garden Market by BDP Lighting whose concept is sensitive to the heritage and architecture of the buildings, harmoniously illuminating the historic façade to highlight the key architectural features.  

Covent Garden Market

Unobtrusive Luminaires and Fixings  

An essential aspect of architectural lighting is the choice of luminaires and their placement. All luminaires must be unobtrusive, seamlessly blending with the building’s design. The fixings must be chosen carefully, ensuring that they do not cause any damage to the historic structure. While the lighting design may achieve the desired effect at night, it’s equally as important to make sure that the fittings such as housing units and brackets are not noticeable during daylight hours.

Illuminating heritage buildings

The art of illuminating heritage buildings requires a great understanding of architecture, engineering, and aesthetics. It’s a fine balance that Studiotech is skilled at achieving when integrating a lighting solution, creating stunning night-time effects that breathe life into our architectural heritage and reveal the soul of these historic structures. 

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