Studiotech swot – How are brands utilising immersive experiences to connect with their audience?

We’ve all heard, or even used the term ‘instagrammable’.

More than ever people are looking for complete sensory encounters, ones that are memorable, personalised and stimulated by sophisticated visual and sensory experiences, ones that can be captured in the moment and shared with the world. 

We’ve seen an increase in experiential events and branding, immersive art exhibitions and installations.  Brands and events using physical space to connect with their audience. 

A great example of a brand connecting with their audience is The Helix at White City PlaceAs part of a wider cultural programme, during the height of the pandemic, Studiotech produced ‘The Helix’, a light art sculpture devised by White City Place to bring their community together as a way of escapism.

The sculpture takes inspiration from the pioneering work undertaken by White City Place’s Life Sciences occupiers, the DNA helix inspired sculpture is a perfect example of creating a space to connect with your community.

The sculpture immerses the user in a bespoke light and sound show, is a key focal point of the public realm and has become an ‘instagrammable’ addition to White City Place.  This latest digital installation provides the visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an array of moving light and sound sequences.

Creating a space that not only makes your brand or space stand out from the crowd, but captures the consumer in deeper, more meaningful ways creates an emotional connection between the two.  

Studiotech’s immersive portfolio has, without a doubt, grown considerably over the past couple of years, even more so during lockdown.  The importance of connecting with people has become more crucial than ever, that human connection is key to reaching out to people.  We are no longer ‘architectural lighting’ specialists, architectural lighting is no longer solely about lighting.  The evolution of  lighting, sound and control technologies, paired with our very clever programmers, our passion for creativity, pushing the limits and being able to tie in to pretty much any tech imaginable means that ‘architectural lighting’ has a new lease of life! 

We create experiences, working with designers from the outset to understand the feeling and atmosphere they are trying to achieve, developing the content alongside the design team to tell their story and bring their architectural lighting concept to life.