Studiotech Squad – John Brannigan

Tell us a bit about your role at Studiotech – 

As Operations/Project Manager, I oversee all the jobs from a health and safety perspective – some projects, I take on from start and see them through to the finish. 

At Studiotech, my aim is to turn our design into a reality and bring the designs to life in the form of the finished result of a project. We are good at bringing the visuals, created prior to the project, to reality and we have a handover from the design team where I validate their designs.

I also decide what fixings we use to install our equipment and how we access the work we undertake, as a lot of the work we do is at a height. My role is to decide if we use mobile elevated work platforms, like a cherry picker or a scissor lift – or if we use other forms of access, like scaffolding. I am responsible for determining which labour we use, as our work entails a combination of engineering, electrical and mechanical so it is about assessing what is best for that particular project. I also create the RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) which is sent to the main contractor on the site too.

What surprised you the most about working at Studiotech?

My experience lies in national companies so when I joined Studiotech I didn’t know what to expect. The community feel at Studiotech is different to what I have been used to in my previous jobs, which was a pleasant surprise. After a total of 13 years at Studiotech, we are friends as well as colleagues, I really love the banter we have together amongst the team. 

What are you most excited for at Studiotech?

There is a shopping centre in Middlesborough we are working on, and the transformation after we have finished working on it is going to be incredible. We are going to inject a new lease of life into it, as the shopping centre currently looks quite tired. I love projects where you can really see a difference with the work we do, where we are able to bring it back to life again and there is a positive impact for the wider and local community.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I live in Wigan; however I do prefer working in the office so most days find myself there, or on site. I spend a lot of my time organising my colleagues who are out and about working at different sites. Even though no day is ever the same, things like RAMS remain constant as there are always assessments to carry out. I also have meetings quite regularly with site managers about the progress being made on the projects.  

What is the best thing about working at Studiotech? 

The close-knit community feel created here at Studiotech is a great way to work. If there are any mistakes or issues that we need to address, The people are great, and it has a really positive atmosphere and supportive environment to work in. 

     4 fun facts…

  • I am a proud Scouser 
  • I have a Level 3 UEFA Coaching qualification and have coached football across all demographics – ranging from youth level, to male and female football teams.
  • I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren – my granddaughter has just started playing Rugby League
  • I really enjoy travelling around Greece