Light Art

Light art is a visual art in which light, either artificial or natural, is the main medium of expression.

Light can be used in the form of a sculpture or the light itself can be used to create the sculpture by the manipulation of light, reflections, shadows and even colour.  These installations can be temporary and found as part of an exhibition within a gallery or light art festivals or they can be a permanent installation as part of a wider public realm space.

Studiotech’s knowledge of light and fabrication, combined with our inhouse programming expertise, control & programming gives us a clear advantage when it comes to delivering an immersive light art experience.

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  • Immersive and Experiential

  • Catenary Lighting

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  • Light Art

  • Public Realm

  • Façades

  • Design – Engineering – Installation

  • Theatre and Education

  • Illuminated Signage