Immersive and Experimental

Studiotech have delivered some of the UK’s most dynamic and interactive lighting projects.

Whether it is being able to play a game of football with a ball of light across public realm dance floor or seeing your silhouette dancing along inside the NOMA tubes Studiotech can bring light to life.

With specialist in house engineers with extensive knowledge in programming a range of DMX and DALI control solutions including Traxon E:Cue, Sympholight and Pharos controls Studiotech can realise simple moving and changing lighting scenes right through to the most complex lighting schemes and everything in between.

With flexible and intuitive end user solutions you can also have control over your dynamic and interactive lighting scheme. Having the ability to request purpose built scenes for special events or the ability to change the lighting yourself can allow you to engage with particular calendar or cultural events that bring people and your building closer together.

Want to learn more?  Then be sure to check out our Immersive & Experiential services.


  • Immersive and Experiential

  • Catenary Lighting

  • Bespoke

  • Light Art

  • Public Realm

  • Façades

  • Design – Engineering – Installation

  • Theatre and Education

  • Illuminated Signage