Dynamic and Interactive

Studiotech have delivered some of the UK’s most dynamic and interactive lighting projects.
Thorpe park catenary lighting

Catenary Lighting

Lighting can critically define a space. Catenary lighting, catenary meaning any curve formed by a wire, rope or chain hanging freely from two points, allows for flexible and otherwise unachievable lighting arrangements and effects.


Facades convey messages, they create the nightscape of a city, assist in orientation and bring attention to a specific building or space.


Studiotech have a long and established history in creating bespoke luminaires.

Design - Engineering - Installation

Being able to provide turn-key solutions to our clients is one of the areas that makes us different.

Stage and Theatre

Studiotech can develop and deliver a full stage lighting and sound scheme.

Illuminated Signage

Studiotech create displays with custom LED illumination to your specifications - from individual illuminated letters to backlit signs.