Recommended Read!

In this month’s blog post, we introduce you to an insightful ‘recommended read’.

At Studiotech, we’ve been on an exciting journey, expanding our portfolio to include immersive and experiential elements within our projects. This natural evolution has been made possible by seamlessly integrating technologies into the control systems we utilise. While our background remains rooted in architectural lighting, we’ve now ventured into an area where our projects pull together AV, interactivity, and harness the potential of design engineering, structures and kinetic technology.  

We believe we are on the cusp of something truly exciting, and we’re right here at the forefront, ready to push the boundaries alongside talented designers. 

With this in mind, we’re keen to introduce you to an article that perfectly aligns with our vision: ‘Immersive Art Exhibitions Offer Lessons for Architecture and Design,’ in Architect Magazine.  

This article explores experiential design within the built environment, shedding light on the lessons we can learn from immersive art exhibitions. 

The article offers an intriguing exploration into the harmonious fusion of design and experience, and how it can transform architectural landscapes.  

Read the full article here