Proposal at the NOMA Earth Tubes Manchester

Hayden Naughton’s proposal at the NOMA Earth Tubes to his girlfriend Laura Timmins has to be the best programming request Studiotech has had for the tubes so far!

And she said YES!  Congratulations!

We received some wonderful feedback from Hayden on LinkedIn:

“A lot of creative types frequently bang on about smashing briefs but what if it is the most important brief in your personal life? I know LinkedIn is all about business but I thought I’d share my most successful campaign to date. I asked my absolute favourite person Laura Timmins to marry me this weekend. SHE SAID YES best moment ever. The Co-op building (Angel Square) has always been lurking in some of our big moments as a couple (Where she worked, where I lived, where we became ‘official’) The plan couldn’t have been pulled off without the team behind the Co-op Food Social and NOMA. Especially Nicky Moore, Alice Hulston & Ed Vickery.”

He explains “For anyone interested in the details. The tops say I ❤️ L.T around the side says ‘Will you marry me?’ They are orange, pink & red for all the colours of hair Laura has had since we’ve dated.”

Link to Hayden’s LinkedIn post

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