Specialist Lighting, Branding and Wayfinding - Teesside Shopping Park, Stockton-on-Tees

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Client:  Colliers International

Scope of Works:  Specialist lighting, scheme branding and wayfinding

Studiotech was invited to form an integral part of the clients design team to develop an iconic lighting scheme for a replacement canopy on an existing retail park.  Through the use of 3D visualisation, prototyping and samples, a range of LED luminaires were selected and bespoke LED products developed.

Studiotech designed a scheme exclusively around LED luminaires and through intelligent use of reflective surfaces proposed within the new canopy cladding, we were able to fully utilise the light output of each luminaire.  Over 2000 luminaires were installed across the 750m long canopy structure creating, through indirect light, a well lit environment which more than matched the clients required lux levels.

Having achieved the ambient lighting levels and fulfilled the client's brief for feature lighting to the walkways, our attention then turned to the clients request for something that would make Teesside Park unique.  Studiotech designed a bespoke linear lighting feature to form an integral part of the new canopy structure. Each luminaire consisted of a bespoke design extruded aluminium back tray carrying a 36W Luxeon LED strip and integral drivers.  The design of the polycarbonate lens was key to the project matching the contour of the canopy and diffusing the LED to give a continuous 750m of blue light that can be seen across the landscape and is identifiable from aircraft departing and arriving from the nearby airport.

As part of the refurbishment of Teesside Shopping Park, Studiotech was asked to design and implement a rebranding strategy.  Having already spent hundreds of thousands of pounds only a few years earlier on a suite of large structural signs, the client was keen on an engineered solution using the original frameworks.

Studiotech carried out a full structural survey on the existing structures and then put forward a proposal that best utilised these structures.  Bespoke GRP cladding panels with integrated vertical LED features that match the feature lighting to the canopy combined with the new Studiotech designed branding and steel cages transformed these structures and created a unified and coherent branding package across the whole park.