NOMA Earth Tubes Interactive Feature Lighting.

Client: The Co-operative Group

Lighting Designer;  Cundall Light4

Scope of Works:  Principal Contractor; Detail design, supply, installation and programming of the LED feature lighting.

Following a European wide tender process Studiotech was tasked with turning the Cundall Light4 designs and NOMA aspirations into a dynamic light installation.

Studiotech took the concept devised by the client and designed a solution that complements and enhances the architectural features of the Earth Tubes.  With manufacturers, Traxon Technologies supplying the light fixtures, Studiotech has engineered a proprietary product into a bespoke solution that will seek to enhance the experience of all those who journey through the NOMA neighbourhood.

We provided a full turnkey solution with our engineers installing a total of 9,480 individually addressable LED lights to each Earth Tube, totalling a staggering 28,440 LED Lights.  We used over 14km of cable to provide power and date to the Earth Tubes, and with all this considered, when tested it was identified that each Earth Tube was using as little as only 3450w (comparable to the usage of an average household oven) which when you consider the immense volume of the structures and the number of lights involved makes this installation a true low energy, environmentally friendly, stunning addition to the Manchester landscape.

Under the strict guidelines set by the ERDF, the unique project was made even more challenging by strict procurement processes, immovable deadlines and a set delivery date.  With just 16 weeks to complete the project and the bespoke nature of the task at hand, Studiotech engineered the products into a flexible and dynamic solution to bring the NOMA vision to life.

The installation uses Traxon String and Media Tubes and is controlled by a Traxon E:cue Lighting Control Engine FX 2 and Butler S2 DMX 512 output devices