Lisburn Public Realm Feature Lighting

Client: Lisburn City Council

Architect: Paul Hogarth

Scope of Works: Supply, installation, control and programming

Studiotech were approached to assist with the feature lighting throughout Lisburn's Market Square public realm improvements.

There were a number of elements Studiotech took responsibility for, the most eye-catching being the interactive LED dance floor which was to act as a key focal point in bringing the community together throughout this popular central square.

The 7m diameter interactive LED dance floor includes over 4000 individually addressable Traxon Dot XL6 luminaries.  The dance floor displays various pre-programmed scenes and, with the help of Cinimod Studios, when scheduled, the floor opoerates in interactive mode allowing for the public to directly interact with the lighting.  The dance floor responds to the movement of people walking over and around it's surface allowing them to engage directly with this exciting interactive feature.

As well as the dance floor, Studiotech also completed the detailed design, supply, installation and control of various other architectural features within the public realm.  Including fully programmable RGB under bench lighting, bespoke rope column lighting, cool white tree lighting and pre programmed RGB fountain lighting.

The e:cue Lighting Control Engine 2 controls the water features, dance floor and other public realm lighting.  

The completed installation has dramatically improved the appearance of Market Square, raised the quality of the area and most importantly has brought the community together.