External Feature Lighting - Event City, Manchester

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Client:  Peel Properties

Scope of Works:  Design, supply, installation and control of external feature lighting

EventCity is the largest exhibition space outside London and although fully booked for the foreseeable future, few are aware of its presence.

EventCity owners Peel Properties tasked Studiotech with creating a lighting scheme that would turn what is essentially a huge white box into a landmark site.

The completed scheme consists of fully programmable RGB colour changing LED lighting to the main elevations and white LED floodlighting to the main entrance area.  This system gives the users the flexibility to decide on the colour scheme that would best suit their event whilst also providing a selection of preset colour schemes and scenes for occasions when this high level of functionality isn't required.

The result has been a transformation of an inconspicuous building into a chameleon like structure that has a strong night time presence.