Design, Supply, Installation and Control of Architectural Lighting - Broad Street, Halifax

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Client:  Marshall Construction

Scope of Works:  Design, supply, installation and control of architectural lighting

The Harris Partnership, Architects, and Studiotech actually began work on this project in 2009 however the trials and tribulations of the financial climate impacted on the project and progress was very slow.  Finally, through the perseverance of all concerned the project eventually crossed the finish line and Studiotech is very pleased with what we have been able to achieve.

Studiotech designed the original lighting with the Harris Partnership and were subsequently retained by both client and main contractor to deliver the winning design.  Work was carried out with the minimum of disruption to the operation of the centre.

With a mix of LED feature lighting, accentuating the architecture and materials, combined with soft lighting within the public realms, we have created a stunning centrepiece to showcase this iconic northern town.

Our client, along with representatives of the Harris Partnership, praised the effect created by Studiotech who, after designing and installing lighting schemes at this site previously, had the necessary experience and knowledge to create the desired effects.

As always with Studiotech, we carried out the work with minimal disruption to the operation of the site.  

The resultant lighting used now allows for a variety of effects depending on particular preference and it cannot be denied that the visual displays produced are exciting, innovative and aesthetically pleasing.