111 Piccadilly – Artin Light

Engineered Design | Supply | Installation | Control | Programming

  • Property Owner:
    Bruntwood Works
  • Client:
    Bruntwood Works
  • Designer:
    Artin Light
  • Project Team:
    Artin Light | Workspace Design & Build | 3D Reid
  • Scope of Works:
    Engineered Design | Supply | Installation | Control | Programming
  • Solution:
    The supply and installation of the façade lighting was all managed by Studiotech in-house, installing a system that allows Bruntwood to have control of RGBW digital LED. On each floor, the LED is mounted on the sill and head of the windows allowing for two lines of light per floor. Each 125mm of LED lighting is individually controllable allowing for dynamic sequences such as ‘chase the colour’ and pulses as well as more interactive and animated content. This new ‘gem’ structure has now created the nightscape for Manchester.

111 Piccadilly

111 Piccadilly Case Study

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