A Human Connection - Custom Lane, Leith 21 Mar - 21 Apr

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Studiotech is working with one of Edinburgh’s leading creative technology companies Bright Side Studios to create an immersive exhibition designed to put the audience at the heart of creating their own experience. Working together, we have now created an experience which encourages connection and plays on the visceral effect of movement using dynamic lighting solutions from Traxon Technologies. 

The exhibition, which has a theme of love running through it, is based on Bright Side Studios' AbstrACTION project and showcases creative lighting technologies and ideas such as projection mapping, kinetic technology and human data integration. 21 March – 21 April Custom Lane, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6AL - FREE ENTRY A Human Connection - Custom Lane, Leith

Break beam interactive technology

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Studiotech have been involved with interactive lighting projects in the past, from an interactive dance floor in Lisburn to the innovative Manchester landmark NOMA Earth Tubes.  Our most recent interactive installation includes break beam technology at Three's flagship store in London.    

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