International Day of Light special blog!

From science and innovation to sustainable development and art, this day showcases the incredible impact light has on our lives.  Join us in our International Day of Light special blog where we explore the world of light by diving into both light science and light art, highlighting our top three picks in each category. 

Let’s start with the science first ????

Prism discovery… how could we not include Isaac Newton and his prism experiments that demonstrated that white light is actually a mix of various colours. Newton’s prism experiments showed us the true colourful nature hidden within white light.

The Light Bulb– we couldn’t miss out the obvious choice now could we? Thomas Edison’s extensive work and research on electric lighting led to the development of a long-lasting and commercially viable light bulb.

LEDs – Now, LED discovery has a bit of input from several scientists over the years, let’s call it a community breakthrough!  But the key players are said to be Nick Holonyak Jr.  who is considered the brains behind the first practical LED.  And Shuji Nakamura who discovered blue and white LEDs in the 1990s. These advancements opened up a whole new world of possibilities for using LEDs in various applications.

Light is also a medium for artists and creatives. Light tells stories and creates immersive experiences. Photography, film, and architecture are just a few examples of art forms where light takes centre stage. 

Ready for our top 3? 

Olafur Eliasson – Olafur Eliasson is an Icelandic-Danish artist known for his large-scale installations that explore the intersection of art, science, and technology. He has incorporated various lighting breakthroughs into his works, including the use of LEDs, projection mapping, and interactive lighting systems.

James Turrell – James Turrell is a renowned American artist known for his mastery of light and space. He has extensively worked with natural and artificial light to create immersive installations and environments. 

Anthony McCall –  Anthony McCall is a British-born artist who is renowned for his “solid light” installations. Working with projected light to create volumetric forms that occupy physical space, McCall’s work is truly mesmerising!

The International Day of Light provides a platform to appreciate the remarkable influence light has on our world. Why not share with us your favourite breakthroughs in the world of light?