In the Press – ‘Stepping Stones of Light’ The Lighting Journal

Berol Link - The Lighting Journal

In the world of architecture and design, where every project tells a unique story, and the bespoke catenary solution at  Berol Link has stepped into the spotlight.

The Lighting Journal’s latest issue provides an in-depth look into our collaborative project with DPA Lighting in an article titled “Stepping Stones of Light.”  The feature looks at our Berol Link project, shedding light on its unique design elements, bespoke innovations, and the collaborative efforts that brought it to life. The article takes readers on a journey through the thought process behind the project, offering insights into the challenges faced and overcome during its development.

The “Stepping Stones of Light” article not only applauds the aesthetics and design process of Berol Link but also emphasises its significant impact on the public realm. Beyond being a design showcase, the project stands as a testament to the transformative influence of thoughtful lighting design on the spaces we inhabit.

Dive into the pages, discover the intricacies of the project, and join us in embracing the captivating power of light in shaping the public realm.

Stepping Stones of Light