How much does social media influence design?

I have recently returned from a trip to Rome.  (Eyes roll in the office because I haven’t stopped talking about it!)

A beautiful city with incredible food, architecture, culture and history.  I filled my phone with photographs of the Colosseum, Vatican City, views over the River Tiber, street art and much more!  And yes, I was totally guilty of using a selfie stick! I think I spent 90% of my time taking photos, the other 10% was eating!  Okay, maybe 80/20!  (Ragu Arancini ????)

Everywhere I looked people were taking photos.  Memories last a lifetime, but it’s much more rewarding to be able to look back over them.  What struck me the most is how many people spent a huge amount of time, and I mean huge, trying to get that perfect shot for what I presume to be instagram.  I kid you not, one instagrammer must have spent approximately 50 euros trying to get the perfect insta pose whilst throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain!

It just goes to show how much of an influence social media has on people and why brands are looking for that stand out insta worthy backdrop.   And why wouldn’t they?  Not only does it look great but it’s free advertising with such a wide-reaching audience that it could essentially be the key to success.

I read a great article in Design Curial by Kay Hill that takes a look at why considering social media at the design stage is essential. ????

Bar and Leisure Focus: Instagrammable Interiors by Kay Hill