Studiotech Squad – Tim Ashley

Tell us a bit about your role at Studiotech … I’ve been with Studiotech for over 17 years, and within that time my role has changed dramatically. Initially when I joined, we were very prominent in signage and we hadn’t really considered lighting as much. During this time my responsibilities lay with accounts, procurement, design […]

Studiotech Squad – Phil Haldane

Tell us about your life before Studiotech I moved to Edinburgh for university where I studied stage management and theatre production, specialising in both lighting and sound. After graduating, I toured with various theatre companies before joining an Edinburgh based theatre company as Production and Lighting Designer where I worked for a number of years. […]

Studiotech Squad – Allison Rose

Tell us about your life before Studiotech Born in Zimbabwe to an English father and Scottish mother, much of my early life was spent in Botswana before moving to boarding school in South Africa at the age of eleven. After leaving school, I went on to study interior design for three years where I gained […]

Studiotech Squad – Natalie Critchard

Tell us about your life/career prior to the world of Studiotech Initially I studied Design Crafts at college which encompassed all aspects of design, ranging from interiors to photography. The intention was to prepare myself for studying design at university, I always wanted to be either a set designer or a commercial interior designer, however […]

Studiotech Squad – Ed Vickery

Tell us about your life/career prior to the world of Studiotech It’s a fairly simple path really… after leaving school, I went straight to Lancaster University where I studied for a degree in Business Management. After graduating, I went travelling for six months and when I returned, I was all set to go and explore […]