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Studiotech Insights – 5 Ways Dynamic Lighting Can Improve A Public Realm Space

In urban design, dynamic lighting has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance the public realm, offering a range of benefits from improved safety to increased footfall.  The ability to dynamically control and adapt lighting in outdoor spaces not only creates visually appealing environments but also contributes to a more vibrant and secure community experience. […]
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Studiotech Insights – 5 Ways Dynamic Lighting Can Elevate Your Brand

🌟Discover how dynamic lighting can elevate your brand to the next level and help you to engage with your stakeholders… 1. BRAND IDENTITY: 💫 Dynamic Lighting allows you to embed your brand’s personality, values and messaging, allowing your stakeholders to connect with your identity. 2. COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: 💫Buildings and landmarks with dynamic lighting become communal […]