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Berol Link - The Lighting Journal

In the Press – ‘Stepping Stones of Light’ The Lighting Journal

In the world of architecture and design, where every project tells a unique story, and the bespoke catenary solution at  Berol Link has stepped into the spotlight. The Lighting Journal’s latest issue provides an in-depth look into our collaborative project with DPA Lighting in an article titled “Stepping Stones of Light.”  The feature looks at […]
Venture Arts blog takeover

Blog Takeover | Louise Hewitt – Venture Arts Artist and Blogger

This month, we invite you to join us for a very special blog takeover. Venture Arts is an award-winning visual arts organisation working with learning disabled artists. Through studio programmes, exhibitions and collaborative projects, Venture Arts remove barriers to the arts, putting artists in the lead, championing neurodiversity and providing pathways for every individual to […]
Illuminating heritage buildings

The art of sensitively illuminating heritage buildings

Buildings of heritage are often spectacular examples of architecture and engineering. In recent years, we’ve seen lighting being used to enhance the architectural features and beauty of these structures during the darker hours. The buildings are sensitive in both architecture and structure, the delicate transformation is not as simple as flicking a switch; it’s an […]
Studiotech Blog interior Design in Education

The Importance of Interior Design in Education

In this month’s blog, we take a peek into the imaginative world of interior designers! In this article, we’ll delve into Scene Interiors’ thought-provoking magazine piece, which brilliantly unravels the impact of interior design on nurturing the growth of young minds within the education system. The art of interior design extends far beyond aesthetics; it’s […]
Studiotech Blog

Recommended Read!

In this month’s blog post, we introduce you to an insightful ‘recommended read’. At Studiotech, we’ve been on an exciting journey, expanding our portfolio to include immersive and experiential elements within our projects. This natural evolution has been made possible by seamlessly integrating technologies into the control systems we utilise. While our background remains rooted […]
Blog - On Site With Studiotech

On Site With Studiotech!

  When it comes to lighting up spaces with creativity and expertise, our in-house installation teams are definitely our faves! These guys are the real deal when it comes to transforming spaces with their creative flair and expert skills, seamlessly installing feature and dynamic lighting, adding a touch of complexity and creativity to every project. […]

International Day of Light special blog!

From science and innovation to sustainable development and art, this day showcases the incredible impact light has on our lives.  Join us in our International Day of Light special blog where we explore the world of light by diving into both light science and light art, highlighting our top three picks in each category.  Let’s […]
Milan Design Week

Travelling to Milan Design Week?

With many of our clients and industry friends are heading to Italy for the largest annual design event in the world, Milan Design Week, which is also host to the biennial Euroluce international lighting exhibition, now in its 31st Edition. With this in mind, we thought we would dedicate this month’s blog to several recommendations […]
Piccadilly Undercroft - BDP Lighting

Transformation Through Light; Hosted by BDP and Canal & River Trust

Last week, Studiotech was proud to support BDP and Canal & River Trust during the three day event ‘Transformation Through Light’.  Lighting, especially dynamic and architectural, can often be considered an aesthetic luxury but here, BDP has shown how it can be used as a functional way to provide a safer and more inviting environment. […]
social media infuence design

How much does social media influence design?

I have recently returned from a trip to Rome.  (Eyes roll in the office because I haven’t stopped talking about it!) A beautiful city with incredible food, architecture, culture and history.  I filled my phone with photographs of the Colosseum, Vatican City, views over the River Tiber, street art and much more!  And yes, I […]
Swot; Bespoke, sounds expensive right? Think again!

Bespoke sounds expensive right?

Bespoke. sounds expensive right? Well did you know that in our experience it’s actually, more often than not, a more cost effective solution compared to an ‘off the shelf’ product? And here’s why… Collaboration; Studiotech collaborates with you to develop your concept to suit the space, this can be an interior space, public realm and […]

Get2Know SODA MMU – Hosted by Traxon e:cue

“It was extremely lucky for us, we’ve got this screen with the absolute perfect client whose job it is to storytell through digital media”  Steve Wilby, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios Last week, Studiotech Director – Ed Vickery, joined the first in the ‘Get2Know’ series of Webinars hosted by Traxon e:cue. A discussion about the project; […]
How are brands utilising immersive experiences to connect with their audience?

Studiotech swot – How are brands utilising immersive experiences to connect with their audience?

We’ve all heard, or even used the term ‘instagrammable’. More than ever people are looking for complete sensory encounters, ones that are memorable, personalised and stimulated by sophisticated visual and sensory experiences, ones that can be captured in the moment and shared with the world.  We’ve seen an increase in experiential events and branding, immersive […]
Studiotech Swot Guest Blog - David Gilbey

Studiotech Swot Guest Blog; Why do Dynamic Lighting Installations Become Humdrum? by David Gilbey

There is an elephant in the room, so to speak.  A problem that we are all aware of and yet it is rarely discussed, whispered in the corners of lighting parties maybe, when we feel safe to discuss taboo lighting subjects, perhaps when we have imbibed in a little Dutch courage!  I am talking about […]
Manchester; The place to bee

Studiotech Swot – Manchester: The place to bee! 🐝

Manchester.  Home to Studiotech headquarters.  Home to two of the greatest football teams in English football, Manchester City and… Stockport County.  Home to some of the best musicians from Oasis and The Stone Roses to The Courteeners and The Blossoms.  Also known for being one of the most creative cities in the world, Manchester is […]

Studiotech Swot Guest Blog; The Light of the Moon by Simon Watkinson

I have often thought to myself, though never out loud, that the moon has to be my favourite lighting feature; accessible to all, startling at times, often unnoticed, but ever present. And colourful too! Obviously it is not the light source itself, but a reflector and its’ apparent colours are affected by the atmospheric conditions […]
Studiotech Swot

Studiotech Swot; Control – The Role it Plays in the World of Dynamic Lighting PART TWO

Last month, we shared with you an insight into the Role of Control by Studiotech Director, Ed Vickery. An honest insight into the world of control and how we can work together as an industry to to pool our collective ability as lighting designers, integrators and control specialists to deliver true experiences for the user.  We’ve […]
Control - the role it plays in the world of dynamic lighting

Studiotech Swot; Control – The Role it Plays in the World of Dynamic Lighting

There are hundreds of articles out there that will provide you all the tangible quantitative benefits of effective use of lighting control. Extending product life, reducing energy consumption, improving visual comfort are all major benefits of implementing a successful control strategy. The purpose of this article is not to explain all this again, it is […]

Light Art Festivals- Creative Magical & Enchanting

Light Art Festivals: a creative, magical and enchanting experience for those lucky enough to visit and immerse themselves in a world of sculpture and light.  We find them across the globe, in celebration of light as a modern medium of art. Studiotech were lucky enough to meet some clients for a walk around our local […]

Studiotech Swot; Guest blog by Faye Robinson – Design Crawl

After attending another design event in London and returning back to Manchester, I knew I had visited some of the same brands who had dedicated showroom space or representation in Manchester and the north of the country. Why were we, Manchester showroom and sales representatives and our fellow northern design community, jumping on trains or […]

Studiotech Swot – What are the benefits of a catenary lighting solution?

Here at Studiotech, one of our specialist application styles is catenary lighting and it is also my personal favourite!  I am proud to say that we have been leading in this technique for some time, having completed several complex catenary solutions across the UK. We’ve started to see an increased use of this style of […]

Studiotech Swot – What is the purpose of an integrator?

For months I have been saying I’d like to begin writing about Studiotech and our role within the lighting industry. The desire to do this has actually been borne out of frustration; frustration that I don’t feel we have yet achieved anything like what’s possible given our skills and abilities. The feeling of being a […]